Telluride Gallery (3)

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These are some random Telluride pictures that didn't fit anyhere else.


I took this picture in Douglas Philips's apartment. As I walked in with Lise and Douglas, I looked to the right and saw these 25 or so teddy bears encased on resin in various positions. Isn't it absolutely brilliant in an insane sort of way? Douglas created them as part of a larger art exhibit, and these are all that are left (the others were sold). But I think it had such a huge impact on me because I wasn't expecting art, I just noticed them sitting there with on the end table. I'm glad Douglas is an artist, because the other alternative is a psychotic teddy bear murderer:


"The Steaming Bean" is a coffee shop on Telluride's mainstreet, which is about 50 feet from my hotel. I get a coffee and a bagel in there sometimes. It just shocked me that a little coffee shop in an old mining town in southwest Colorado is advertising their T-1 line internet connection. I would have taken a picture of all the dead-head hippie freaks with dreadlocks sitting outside on benches, but they scare me:


This is a picture of Polo (Lise's cat) drinking from the toilet. Don't you just want to reach forward and give her a little nudge? She's balanced so precariously:



This is Polo after the refreshing drink, wondering why I'm staring at her and what my intentions are:



Polo has a really wild cat door up in the WINDOW (not in the door). Notice her ramp to get up to the cat door. Here she is coming into the house:


Here is Polo leaving through her cat door:


Here is Lise giving her brother Lance a haircut in the backyard. Try to remember I'm supposed to be on a SKI TRIP, this is a SKI TOWN, and notice Lance isn't wearing a shirt outside. That's because it's about 65 degrees outside at 11am when this was taken, and the snow is almost all gone:


This is Ian in the Sheridan (local bar). Picture by Lise:



Here is Mike (co-worker of Lise's) who was sitting next to Ian, and got interested in the digital camera:



Here is a picture of the glider that circles over Telluride on nice days. I'm sorry I havn't rented a ride yet...



This is a picture of the "Log Pile" run on the last day I skied in Telluride (3/22/99). It's my favorite run on the mountain, because it's so pretty in there. Jim Pettegrew calls it a "cathedral", and I agree. I'll be skiing down through those trees out of sight in the minutes following this picture:


Here is one last picture of the "Log Pile", from a different angle:


This is a picture of Telluride from the slopes on my last run at Telluride on this trip. Notice the gondola in the foreground on the left. Also notice how there's no snow anywhere in the town, and very little left on the slopes, which is why I'm leaving. :-)


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