Willamette Pass, Oregon Gallery

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On 4/10/99, I skied Willamette Pass, which is about 2 hours drive from my home town of Corvallis. Willamette Pass is one of two local ski areas I learned to ski at, but I hadn't skied there for over 10 years until this day. It was fun skiing there, because there were several runs I had never skied before because they were too hard for me 10 years ago (they were pretty easy now :-), but also because it was a nice walk down memory lane. The day I was there had about 18 inches of powder, because they close the ski area during the week this late in the season and it had accumulated for the last few days. Here are some pictures from my day:


This is basically the whole ski area. I'm standing just under the summit, and you can see the lodge at the bottom. Notice the lake off to the left, very scenic:


Here I am on the summit chair, looking up:


Trees, Willamette Pass style! I had a lot of fun skiing through the powder and trees here:


Willamette Pass added one new lift since I was there 10 years ago (so they have 3 lifts now) on the "back side". This opens about twice the terrain as before, and the new terrain is even better than the original terrain. Here is a shot from the back side. Look at all the snow! On the trees, 18 inches on the ground, everwhere:



This picture shows a run called "Good Time Charlie" and you can see the lake in the distance:


Inside the quaint little lodge:


Nice view of the little lodge:


The lodge from the outside:


This picture is from the morning, when it was bombing down snow. Check out the weather! Did I mention it is mid-April?!


Shot up the hill in the morning with low visibility:


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