Winter Park/Mary Jane Gallery

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Town maps and lift maps on a different page.

Winter Park/Mary Jane is a great ski hill. I think it's best feature is that they leave miles and miles of intermediate terrain ungroomed, so there are intermediate level moguls all over the mountain. It is a ton of fun, and I'd recommend the ski area to anybody. Here are some pictures of my trip to Winter Park, then pictures of the hill:


I drove from Steamboat to Winter Park on the morning of 2/25/99. I saw this along the way (picture taken out the front of the Sentra at 65 mph). Colorado is beautiful:


This truck is driving on a railroad track with special guide wheels. Picture taken out the passenger window of the Sentra.


Just me and this train, booking through this canyan together. Picture taken from the Sentra at 50 mph:


Winter Park, from the road:


Random shot from the slopes:


This is the best idea EVER! It is a lift map on the safety bar on the chair lift. See for more info. No more pulling off your gloves in the cold to fumble with a map. No more handing your buddy your poles. Those are my knees and K2 skis:


Random shot from the slopes:


I hiked up a short distance past where the lifts run to the very highest point at Winter Park (12,060 feet). Here is the view:


This shows the short hike:


From the top, you can walk 30 minutes on the flats to get to some double black diamond runs. I made the dumb decision to hike thee 30 minutes. In this picture you can see where I'm going to walk (and pick out 5 people in 3 groups on the path):


Random view:


One last random view:


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