Europe Motorcycle Trip 2001

(picture set 2)

(6/15/01 - 7/1/01)

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Taken on 6/22/01, this is a view from some random mountain pass. 


On top of Nufenen pass.


Right outside our hotel in Andermatt, Switzerland is this sign pointing to a few of the very best mountain passes in the world.  Susten pass, Furka and Oberalp passes, and Gotthard pass.


A few of the motorcycle tour group having an afternoon drink outside our hotel in Andermatt.  From left to right at the table is Brian Beach (behind) Richard in front, Patrizia, Rob Beach (the tour guide), and Leslie Cleverly.  In front with the red helmet is Jane.


The next morning (6/23/01) this is Brandon getting all his video gear packed up on his motorcycle for the day.


Same place, Rob and Patrizia


Me and Brian Beach, picture by Richard.


This is at the site of the video we shot.  It's a gorgeous little place called Bruin (with an umlaut over the "u"), which isn't on the map, on a road that isn't on the map.


Again, the site of the video we shot.


Down the road a bit, this very good example of Alp roads.


The next morning (6/25/01), at the hotel in Zuoz, Switzerland.  That's a cigarette in Rob's mouth as he pulls away for the day of riding with Patrizia on the back.


At the top of Gavia pass, the road is closed.  You can see the lane ending into the snow, which isn't plowed after this point.  We had to turn around and go back down the side we came up, and go around.  That's Leslie in the picture.


An Italian police motorcycle.  The police were directing traffic for a classic car road race.


Our group stopped for a break.  


A tiny stopping place at the side of the road reveals an astounding view of the valley below.  This is on 6/26/01.


Crossing over the top of the Manghen Pass (Passo Manghen).


Brandon at the top.


In our "off day" in Arabba, I went by this little road I had been to last trip near Sotaguda, Italy not far outside of Arabba.  If you look closely, you can see a little church nestled along the road.  I'm on a bridge taking this picture of the road I'm about to drive on in 10 more minutes.


Here I am on that road.  Very small, VERY pretty.


Here is an up close shot of the church.


A little further on on the same day, you can see the switchback INSIDE the tunnel on this Italian road.


At the top of the Giau Pass, one of my favorites.


A view down into the valley from a viewpoint.


A different angle, same viewpoint.


A windy road outside of Arabba.  You can see Arabba in the distance.


A typical switchback outside of Arabba.  


The next morning, bad weather strikes as I get out of bed.  This is 6/28/01, and the sun has just risen but is being blocked out from all the rain.


Brian Beach as we depart Arabba.  Here he is in the rain.


Later that day, the sun comes out and we went through a SPECTACULAR little side road that feeds through solid rock tunnels, and out over this dam.  You can see where we just came from there is that solid rock wall.


Here is a shot straight down the dam.  It's taller than you think.  If you look to the right and left sides of the pictures, you can see a ladder for people.  Click on the picture to zoom in to see how small the rungs are.  We dropped a few rocks at that puddle down there, and it was relatively difficult to hit it.


Here we are in Slovenia later that day (6/28/01).  It is very pretty, this is a mountain pass.


Over the top of the pass, I stopped to take pictures of a small Russian Church hidden in the trees.  I'm told this church was built to honor the 300 Russian slaves that died while building the road up over this mountain pass.  


Here is a picture of the front of the church.  This is really in the middle of nowhere, and is very small.


A picture through the front bars of the church.  It's only one small room with paintings.

At the top of the Solk (with an umlaut over the "o") pass.


This is me by a VERY IMPORTANT sign about motorcycles, unfortunately I can't read it.


That thing on the hill is a funicular, which is one single track and two railroad cars that pass each other at a "wide spot" in the track.   The two cars are passing each other in this picture.  This is the town of Hallstatt, where "Hall" means "Salt" in some language.  This is a funicular to a salt mine we visited.


Here we are riding the funicular to the salt mine.  You can see the other car branching onto the other track to pass us.  We are dragged up the mountain with the cable.


A picture from the very top of the funicular, down at Hallstatt and the lake.  Very pretty.


Here we are on a train, going into the salt mine.  We are all wearing protective clothing.


Inside the mine, you slide down these polished wood rails to get around.  Very fun.  Pictures are from Brandon's video camera.


This is Leslie sliding down to the end of one rail.  Pictures are from Brandon's video camera.


Inside the salt mine, that's Leslie, Brian Beach, and Richard.


At the end of the day, just outside of Hallstatt, is a small lake called Gosau See..  We had a cappuccino and took a break here.


The last day of the tour, here we are at Saltzburg.  It is 6/30/01.  We took a morning walking tour of Saltburg before riding back to Olching where the tour started.


A clock in Saltzburg.  Typical street.


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