2013 Electric SmartCar


I bought my first electric car on 9/9/2013, a 2013 all Electric SmartCar.  Click on any picture below for a higher quality original.  Click here for a map of a few ChargePoint stations.  Update 6/5/2014 - we got a second all electric vehicle the Fiat 500e.  Update 2/6/2017 - the All Electric Smartcar was in a wreck that could not be repaired.  :-(  We got a new gas Smartcar on 9/30/2018 in Los Angeles.  And we sold the old 2009 gas Smartcar to Lise after it gave us 10 good years.

This is the 240V 40A Leviton EVB40-PST 9.6KW Charging Station fully installed (done by professional electrician John Peterson of Peterson Power & Light:


Same picture as above, but with the 2013 Electric SmartCar parked in the recharging station spot:


Close up of the charger:


The electric SmartCar has a "17.6 kWh" battery (is that the amount to "fill the tank"?  To go from zero charge to 100% charge?).  This costs $0.15/kWh or $2.64 for the full charge, which goes 68 miles, so it costs about $0.04/mile (4 cents/mile) to power it.  For comparison gas is $4.30/gallon and you car gets 30 mpg, it costs $0.14/mile (14 cents/mile) to power it.  Another factoid is 1 gallon of gasoline is assumed to contain 33.7 kWh.


Some Electric Smartcar (Smart ForTwo Electric Drive) Technical Details
- Motor is 55 kW DC Permanent Magnet, brushless
- A 55kW motor means 74 HP and 96 lb·ft of torque
- the 74 HP is only available in "burst mode" for up to 2 minutes straight, then it drops to 47 HP
- Battery is 339 V Li-Ion (made by Tesla)
- Battery has a 17.6 kWh capacity
- "On Board Charger" is 3.3 kW (the charging technology that is built into the SmartCar)
- EDUCATED ASSUMPTION A: charging is 80% efficient, meaning you put in 22 kWh to charge from zero to 17.6 kWh stored in the battery
- EDUCATED ASSUMPTION B: there is about 14.1 kWh for "normal" use, because to help batteries last you charge to 90 percent and don't discharge below 10 percent
- Takes 6 hours to fully charge from zero at 240V and about 20 Amps
- Takes 14 hours to fully charge from zero plugged into a regular 110V wall outlet
- Plug Type: J1772 (the standard plug for all electric cars now)
- Top Speed: 78 mph
- Range of the SmartCar is usually reported as 68 miles, but that is a blended average, it depends on hills, speed, and would run the batteries to zero, etc.
- 107 MPGe in the combined EPA cycle
- Weight of car (including battery, not including a driver): 2,150 pounds
- 0-60mph in 11 seconds
- Running the heater full blast


Here is what a full recharge (from 5% charge to 100% charge looks like):
-17.5 kWh to increase the battery by 16.7 kWh (so 95% efficient?)
- the "SmartCar On Board Charger" is supposed to be 3.3 kW (the charging technology that is built into the SmartCar)
- each of the first four hours gives battery about 3.4 kWh which seems to agree with (or slightly exceed?) the SmartCar specs
- the car's percent charge indicator doesn't perfectly agree with the wall meter, but it is REASONABLY close?

For comparison to a Tesla, here is a graph from http://www.saxton.org/tom_saxton/2010/07/tesla-roadster-charging-rates.html



Here is a breakdown of one of my electric bills showing electrical rates (this was before I owned the electric SmartCar):


Update on 6/5/2014 - we got a second all electric vehicle the Fiat 500e, ours is seen below recharging (you can see the all electric SmartCar in the background):


On 6/9/2014 my electric SmartCar was at work, and Katherine's gas SmartCar came and parked in my same spot, they are kissing:


Some older pictures and info, a truck backed up into Katherine on an offramp on 7/17/2013 and caused this damage:

While getting the above damage repaired, we test drove an all electric SmartCar:


We sold the 2009 gas Smartcar to Lise around February 2019.  Lise put a bicycle rack on it, the picture below was taken 4/13/2019 by Lise of (now her Smartcar).  Lise says people remark that the bicycle is larger than the car, and she quietly thinks "yeah, and the bicycle cost more than the car":


Smartcar towing a boat:


Here is a SmartCar with a trailer:


Smartcar towing a Fifth wheel:


Monster Smartcar on a beach:


Not sure what this is, might just be photoshop, looks like a 3 wheel car:


A SmartCar Porshe offspring:

All done!


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