2013 Electric SmartCar


I bought my first electric car on 9/9/2013, a 2013 all Electric SmartCar.  Click on any picture below for a higher quality original.  Click here for a map of a few ChargePoint stations.  Update 6/5/2014 - we got a second all electric vehicle the Fiat 500e.  Update 2/6/2017 - the All Electric Smartcar was in a wreck that could not be repaired.  :-( 

This is the 240V 40A Leviton EVB40-PST 9.6KW Charging Station fully installed (done by professional electrician John Peterson of Peterson Power & Light:


Same picture as above, but with the 2013 Electric SmartCar parked in the recharging station spot:


Close up of the charger:


The electric SmartCar has a "17.6 kWh" battery (is that the amount to "fill the tank"?  To go from zero charge to 100% charge?).  This costs $0.15/kWh or $2.64 for the full charge, which goes 68 miles, so it costs about $0.04/mile (4 cents/mile) to power it.  For comparison gas is $4.30/gallon and you car gets 30 mpg, it costs $0.14/mile (14 cents/mile) to power it.  Another factoid is 1 gallon of gasoline is assumed to contain 33.7 kWh.


Some Electric Smartcar (Smart ForTwo Electric Drive) Technical Details
- Motor is 55 kW DC Permanent Magnet, brushless
- A 55kW motor means 74 HP and 96 lb·ft of torque
- the 74 HP is only available in "burst mode" for up to 2 minutes straight, then it drops to 47 HP
- Battery is 339 V Li-Ion (made by Tesla)
- Battery has a 17.6 kWh capacity
- "On Board Charger" is 3.3 kW (the charging technology that is built into the SmartCar)
- EDUCATED ASSUMPTION A: charging is 80% efficient, meaning you put in 22 kWh to charge from zero to 17.6 kWh stored in the battery
- EDUCATED ASSUMPTION B: there is about 14.1 kWh for "normal" use, because to help batteries last you charge to 90 percent and don't discharge below 10 percent
- Takes 6 hours to fully charge from zero at 240V and about 20 Amps
- Takes 14 hours to fully charge from zero plugged into a regular 110V wall outlet
- Plug Type: J1772 (the standard plug for all electric cars now)
- Top Speed: 78 mph
- Range of the SmartCar is usually reported as 68 miles, but that is a blended average, it depends on hills, speed, and would run the batteries to zero, etc.
- 107 MPGe in the combined EPA cycle
- Weight of car (including battery, not including a driver): 2,150 pounds
- 0-60mph in 11 seconds
- Running the heater full blast


Here is what a full recharge (from 5% charge to 100% charge looks like):
-17.5 kWh to increase the battery by 16.7 kWh (so 95% efficient?)
- the "SmartCar On Board Charger" is supposed to be 3.3 kW (the charging technology that is built into the SmartCar)
- each of the first four hours gives battery about 3.4 kWh which seems to agree with (or slightly exceed?) the SmartCar specs
- the car's percent charge indicator doesn't perfectly agree with the wall meter, but it is REASONABLY close?

For comparison to a Tesla, here is a graph from http://www.saxton.org/tom_saxton/2010/07/tesla-roadster-charging-rates.html



Here is a breakdown of one of my electric bills showing electrical rates (this was before I owned the electric SmartCar):


Update on 6/5/2014 - we got a second all electric vehicle the Fiat 500e, ours is seen below recharging (you can see the all electric SmartCar in the background):


On 6/9/2014 my electric SmartCar was at work, and Katherine's gas SmartCar came and parked in my same spot, they are kissing:


Some older pictures and info, a truck backed up into Katherine on an offramp on 7/17/2013 and caused this damage:

While getting the above damage repaired, we test drove an all electric SmartCar:


Smartcar towing a boat:


Here is a SmartCar with a trailer:


Monster Smartcar on a beach:


Not sure what this is, might just be photoshop, looks like a 3 wheel car:


A SmartCar Porshe offspring:

All done!


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