Boat Epic, Stage 3 (Santa Cruz to Redwood City)


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The Trip: we sailed the boat from Santa Cruz through the Golden Gate and down to Redwood City.  This was the first leg without a paid captain, and I took along two buddies, Ashmeet and Heinrich.  The trip took 6 and a half hours.

Here is a map pointing out some highlights in big red letters.  A is where we started in Santa Cruz at 7:30am, B is "Pigeon Point", C is the Golden Gate Bridge which we reached at about 12:30, and finally D is Redwood City Marina which we reached at 2pm.  Click on the map for a larger, more readable version.


This is my boat "rafted" in Santa Cruz.  The boat on the right is tied up against the dock, then my boat is tied to his boat, and then another boat is tied to my boat.  This is because Santa Cruz has no available guest slips, and yet they accept all boats.  What this means is that if I want to get on or off of my boat, I walk across another guy's boat, which in this case was the boat "Jennette" owned by a nice guy named Dave.  Dave was a commercial fisherman for 30 years in this area.


Same as above picture, but different angle.  I'm standing on Jeannette (the boat tied to the dock).


My crew, early in the morning.  That's Heinrich driving, and Ashmeet in the foreground on the right.


Pigeon Point (point B on the map above).


This is the first of a series of 4 approach buoys into the Golden Gate.  We are pointed directly at the Gate, but you cannot see it due to hazy conditions.  The Golden Gate is point C on the map above.


Our first view of the gate.  The GPS was not lying to us.  :-) 


Here is the view off to the left of the shoreline.  That is Point Bonita lighthouse.


Here I am, with the Golden Gate in the background.


A little closer, I'm standing on the bow, Ashmeet took this picture.


Ashmeet snapped this picture as I was walking back to the bridge.


Ashmeet on the right, Heinrich driving.


Up close with the Golden Gate Bridge.


In this picture, I'm opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate making it from Marina del Ray to the Golden Gate.  My boat is now officially "in the San Francisco Bay" where it will stay.


Now we can pick up some speed, as the waves subside.  The bridge is disappearing behind us now.


Ashmeet sipping champagne.


Ashmeet on the left, I'm on the right.  At this point, Heinrich has to drive AND take the pictures.


Alcatraz island, and that is a dredging barge on the right.


The San Francisco Skyline, with Ashmeet in the foreground.


Heinrich at the wheel, with the San Francisco Skyline in the background.


A random shot of San Francisco.


And finally, my boat in it's home in Redwood City.