Bachelor, Oregon Gallery 2

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On 4/12/99 - 4/17/99 I stayed in Bend, Oregon and skied Mt. Bachelor, which is about 3 hours drive from my home town of Corvallis. I skied Bachelor from time to time growing up, and it was nice skiing there again. Here are some pictures. To see even more pictures click here.


This a Mt. Bachelor ski bus, which goes between the town and the mountain. Pretty cool, 'eh?


My buddy Ashmeet at the Bachelor summit. Notice the sign he is leaning on, and the sign behind him to the right:


I took this picture standing in my hotel, looking out towards the deck. Bend is really beautiful:


Same shot as above, but standing on the deck:


Sitting on the Northwest lift, looking up:


This picture was taken almost at the top of the Northwest lift. Look at those trees, which are COMPLETELY encased in solid frozen snow! It's amazing they can live through that kind of punishment:


Here I am heading home the last day of my sabbatical. This is a picture of Mt Shasta, taken from highway 97:


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