Paige's Taos Accident

Click on any picture to get a HUGE (about 200k) version.

Several of us friends skied Taos on Feb 13, 14, and 15. Click here to see happier pictures.

Paige takes a bad fall and cuts her head with a ski edge (check out all the blood!). That's ski patrolman Alex Filiss helping her out.


After being bandaged up by Patrolman Filiss, she skies down 50 yards to the next lodge (check out the blood still gushing from her head!):


Patrolman Filiss bundles Paige up for the ride down the rest of the mountain:



Paige, being taken down the hill by Patrolman Filiss, shadowed by Garth:



Conclusion: Paige lacerated her scalp and actually knicked her skull. The doctors at the bottom of the Taos ski hill gave her about 9 stitches. Then a few weeks later Paige received the following postcard (click on it for a larger version):


Here is the front of the postcard:


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