Taos Gallery

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Town maps and lift maps on a different page.

We stayed slopeside, and skied Taos Feb 13, 14, 15. This page has some photos of our group's adventures. But to see Paige's accident where she whacks her head and is taken off the mountain in a meat wagon, click here.


On the Taos slope (Dave, Paige, Brady, Garth, Mike):


On the Taos slope (Brian (me), Brady, Garth, Mike, Paige).


Taos Random Views:


Taos DON'T PANIC sign at the main access point from the parking lot (which is at the bottom of "Al's Run" which is a famously difficult run):


Have some "Black Diamond Espresso":


Brady and I hiked up from the top most point the lifts go to the famous Taos double black diamond chutes. Here is a picture of Brady and I standing at the VERY top of Taos, where the lifts do not go:


Brady alone:


Here is a picture showing the lift we hiked up from (we hiked up that ridge of trees, the lift ends at the top of that large cat track of snow seen in the lower right quadrant of the photo):



Here is a look over the edge, down the double black run we are about to ski:


Now here is Brady, teetering at the cornice about to drop:


And Brady drops in! ->


And at the end of the day, we skied down "Al's Run", which is a bump run where at the bottom you can see Taos village. Here are two pictures, the first from high up on Al's Run:


And here is Al's Run a little lower down, with a better view of the village (notice how long that bump run is!):


And leaving Taos on the drive back to Albuquerque, I shot this completely random picture from my car of a pretty mountain:


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