Sun Valley, Idaho Picture Gallery

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Town maps and lift maps on a different page.

Go to the bottom of this page for spectacular sunshine views. The first few days it snowed.

First day in Sun Valley (2/6/99). The top socked in (view from "Lookout Restaurant"). That's the top of the lift in the distance:


Decisions, decisions! Sit by the REAL WOOD FIRE, or take another run up into the frozen rain and fog? Picture taken at the bottom of River Run.


Later in the day, this is the best view of Ketchum I got:


River Run Lodge, where EVERYONE is. (The picture didn't turn out, so forgive the quality.)


The view from my hotel balcony, 2/7/99. That's 18 inches of powder, and it keeps coming down. Now THAT is what I want to get up to every day. :-)


My car in the hotel parking lot, the morning of 2/8/99:


And on the last day, Sun Valley finally lives up to its name. Here are some views from the mountain. The first is of Ketchum:


And three more random slope views:


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