Here are some pictures from the Whistler-Blackcomb trip.  Garth was a pansy and didn't come along with us, so it was Brady, Mike, and myself.  Click here for lift maps and town maps.

I apologize for the low quality of this web page.  I don't have time to do a better job at presentation for a few days.  And all the pictures need to be run through Photoshop's "AutoLevels" to make the colors better.  The weekend wasn't this gray, the camera just interprets lower light conditions this way.

Picture 1 - Mike and Brady in the gondola on the way up for the first run.

Picture 2 - Brady and Mike at the top of Blackcomb.

Picture 3 - Adults in animal costumes entertaining children .

Picture 4 - Brady and Mike standing out in a clearing.

Picture 5 - Big view of town and surrounding mountains from the hill.

Picture 6 - Nice slope, another picture of the town.

Picture 7 - Brady and Mike in front of the Blackcomb lift map, pointing out our location.

Picture 8 - Brady and myself (Brian), at top of the mountain before a run. 

Picture 9 - Blue sky and mountain peaks.

Picture 10 - HUGE blue sky, and mogul runs for a long way.

Picture 11 - Blue sky and moguls runs, picture taken while on the lift.

Picture 12 - Picture taken from gondola, it's yellow because it was looking through the yellow plexiglass.

Picture 13 - One loan ski in the middle of nowhere, with nobody in sight.

Picture 15 - Brady skiied off a cliff, 8 feet straight down into a river.  Here he is at the bottom.

Picture 16 - Picture of the base of the hill, from 20 yards up the slope.  You can see the bar we are about to get a drink in.  See the next picture.

Picture 17 - Picture of the hill from the bar at the bottom.  I'm holding up my beer.  Life could be worse.

Picture 18 - Huge blue sky, and a lot of mountains in the distance.

Picture 19 - Brady, in the trees.  Look closely, that slope just keeps going through that chute in the trees.

Picture 20 - Big shot of town from way up high on the slope, and surrounding mountains.

Picture 21 - Fabulous picture of guy with a broken ski.  He says he hit a mogul wrong.  He had to walk off the mountain this way.

Picture 22 - On the final day, heavy snow at the top of the mountain.  Brady and Mike were pansies and I went up alone to get some final turns in.

Picture 23 - More heavy snow, good powder, a shot with the lift in the foreground.

Picture 24 - At the bottom of Whistler on the final day, it is raining at the bottom here (which is common at Whistler).

Picture 25 - Big picture of lots of surrounding mountains.

Picture 26 - Mike, coming out of the toilet.  Read the caption in the picture.  It's an emergency!

Picture 27 - Brady and Mike pushing our luggage at the Vancouver airport, on our way home.