2019 Backblaze Boat Ride




On 9/11/2019 a lot of Backblaze took a day off work and went for a ride in San Francisco bay.  Special thanks to the skeleton crew who stayed behind in the datacenter to keep things running while we were out!  Here is a list of boating events Backblaze has done:

This first picture is out of order, but a panorama showing a lot of the employees (not all Backblaze employees were on the boat, some stayed behind):


Below is a 90 second movie of the 2019 Backblaze Boat Outing:

(Click here for the highest quality original.)


Now starting from the beginning, here are the Backblaze employees arriving and gathering on Pier 39 near Gate J before the boat ride.


Linus Bondesson (Backblaze support) looking fabulous on Pier 39 in San Francisco.




More gathering.


Gate "J".


Below is Brian Beach (sunglasses) and Doug Fults, two senior software engineers at Backblaze.


Doug Fults and his son Jack Fults who both work at Backblaze.  In the background Larry Wilke (pink shirt) throws up the piece sign.  Yev Pusin in Backblaze hat.


From left to right: Allen Ingling, Fabian Morgan, Keith Felt, Jeannine Smith (white jacket), and on the far right is Marjorie (Marj) Ready.


From left to right below: Nirmal Shaw (wearing backpack), Steven Peniche (facing away), Malah Shaw (peeking out in sunglasses), Tim Johnson, and John Shimek (pink mohawk).  Continuing on: Casey Christensen (plaid), Cecilia Luu (red shoes).


And the boat arrives and away we go!  Below we are filing onto the dock.


Boarding our boat, which is the "Adventure Cat 2".


Today's boat is the same one we were on in 2015: Adventure Cat 2.  Just a little more beat up now.


Vanna Ngo boards the Adventure Cat 2 and waves to the camera!


Below is a picture right as we depart of the famous Pier 39 in San Francisco with all the Sea Lions.


Below is a panorama of a lot of the employees on this boat ride, use your horizontal scrollbar to look through them all.


A picture of Backblaze employees on a boat ride.


And we are under way!  That is the San Francisco skyline in the background as we depart.


Linus looking fabulous as always in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay.  Yev has been on a few of these so is falling asleep in the netting already.


In the picture below, you can see a bit of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay, and if you scroll to the right you see seagulls mobbing a fishing boat.


The same fishing boat as seen in the picture above is shown steaming into port in the picture below, still mobbed by seagulls.


In the picture below, this "launch" was associated with the fishing boat.


Use your horizontal scrollbar to see the whole picture below of the Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in fog.  Remember you can click on any picture on this page for the highest quality original!


Employees milling about on a boat ride.


Backblaze employees enjoying the day away from the office.


We had some snacks on board.


Another picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog.  I feel silly taking these photos because I'm not a professional photographer and many others have taken much better pictures, but it is very scenic here in the San Francisco Bay.


The south span of the Golden Gate rising up out of the fog.


Below is a picture of the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge as we pass underneath it.


Another picture of the bridge shrouded in fog.


As we pass underneath a second time (on the way back in) you can see the "rig" that paints the Golden Gate Bridge.  This never stops, they are always painting, and always will be painting until the bridge falls down.


Christine Empie on a boat under the Golden Gate Bridge.


Tina Cessna (Backblaze VP of engineering) looks cold.  She sat here most of the boat trip.


Larry Wilke in front of the Golden Gate bridge.


Below is the panorama seen at the very top of this page, but displayed here in time order.


Our sister ship the 'Adventure Cat' sails by us.


And as we head back into port, this smaller sailboat cruises by healed over.


That's it!

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