2018 Backblaze Holiday Party


On Thursday, December 15, 2018 most of Backblaze attended the annual Backblaze Holiday Party in San Francisco. Below are a few pictures, click on any picture for the highest quality "original".

Previous Backblaze Holiday Parties

On to the pictures!  Backblaze employees and families boarding the bus at the San Mateo headquarters to go up to San Francisco where the party is at.  This is the first time we have a two-bus size company.


The first bus.


The second bus.


We went up to "The Playroom at Hotel Zetta", below is some food setout.


Another picture.


Backblaze employees and spouses talking.


Larry Wilke and Cecilia Luu Playing ping pong.


Ebony Thomas and Jon Jones.


Eric Gauthier and Jeannine Smith.


Gleb was out sick, so Brian (me) said a few words about 2018 and made a toast.


James Fleishman holding his bottle up.


Yev Pusin looking dapper with Liz Putin.


Employees talking.


Tina Cessna (in red), Marty and LeAnn and Billy Ng on the far right.


Skip Levens talks with Ariel Ellis.


A pool table with Backblaze employees and spouses.


Sean Harris talks with co-workers.


Cheryl Hicks talks with Yev Pusin.  Billy McCarthy (in hat) is behind and to the right of them.


Yev and Colin Weld.  Colin was a summer intern but now works for Backblaze part time while attending school.


Vlad Bolshakov and Victoria looking very elegant.


Casey Jones talking with Cecilia.


And we all went home!  That's it!


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