2018 Ski Mount Hood Meadows

(3/3/2018 - 3/4/2018)


On 3/3/2018 a few friends and I skied in Mount Hood Meadows in Oregon. Here is who showed up: 1. Katherine Chung, 2. Brian Wilson (me), 2. Karl Dohan, 3. Tamara Dohan, 4. Brian Wohletz, 5. Mike Chow, 6. Michael Hunter, 7. Garth Eliason, and 8. Linda Eliason, and 9. Heather Wagner.  Brady Nilsen was going to come but had a family thing to do.

This trip (with this group of friends) is an annual trip we have taken for 22 years. Each year we decide a new location and all meet there. Here is the list of locations and the dates we skied there.

  1. 12/20/97 - Crested Butte, Telluride, Vail, and Aspen, Colorado road trip.
  2. 1/20/98 - Park City, Utah (during the Sundance film festival)
  3. 2/14/99 - Taos, New Mexico (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  4. 3/26/00 - Whistler, Canada not full group (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  5. 3/11/01 - Banff, Canada not full group (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  6. 3/3/02 - Steamboat, Colorado (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  7. 3/9/03 - Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  8. 4/17/04 - Lake Tahoe, California (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  9. 3/11/05 - Big Sky, Montana (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  10. 3/3/06 - Mammoth, California (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  11. 3/3/07 - Chamonix, France (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  12. 4/2/08 - Breckenridge, Colorado (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  13. 2/13/09 - Reno, Nevada skiing Squaw Valley and Mt Rose (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  14. 2/25/2010 - Sun Valley Idaho (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  15. 3/9/2011 - Park City, Utah (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  16. 3/3/2012 - Taos, New Mexico (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  17. 2/16/2013 - Vail, Colorado (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  18. 2/21/2014 - Whistler-Blackcomb, Canada (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  19. 3/6/2015 - Whitefish Montana "Big Mountain"  (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  20. 1/23/2016 - Ski Hokkaido Japan (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  21. 3/8/2017 - Ski Telluride (Click here to see pictures from that trip.)
  22. 3/4/2017 - Ski Mount Hood Meadows (This is the page you are looking at!)


Main Street Mount Hood (the town, not the ski area):


Starting from the beginning, this trip started in San Francisco Airport on the Air Train:


We noticed a new "Animal Relief Room" at San Francisco Airport.


Another picture closer in of the "Animal Relief" room at SFO airport.


Katherine on Virgin America.


Below is a picture of Katherine taking a picture out the airplane window.


We land in Portland Airport (PDX) and drive out to Hood River, Oregon.  Below is a picture of main street in Hood River.


The night we arrive, we go to dinner at "3 Rivers Grill and Jimmy's Bar" in Hood River, Oregon.


Garth Eliason and wife Linda live in Hood River Oregon and came out to dinner with us!


Tamara Dohan at dinner.


The next morning, in our hotel lobby, we had Swedish Breakfast.  From left to right: Brian Wohletz, Karl Dohan, Tamara Dohan, Mike Chow, Ann, and Michael Hunter on far right with beard.  Some of us went back to sleep, some went skiing.  :-)


At lunch, from left to right: Katherine Chung, Heather Wagner, Karl Dohan (with glass), and Brian Wohletz on the right.


Moving along for afternoon drinks, we went to Pfriem in Hood River, Oregon along the water.


In the picture below, it took me a while to figure out how Tamara had her hands in so many places (like on her own shoulder).


The picture below from left to right: Brian Wohletz, Tamara Dohan, Mike Chow, Katherine Chung.


Heather Wagner (taking selfie) and Karl Dohan mugging (pun intended) for the camera.


Garth Eliason talking with Michael Hunter.  Katherine Chung is holding Tuesday the dog.


Linda, Heather, and Tamara.


As the sun sets in Hood River Oregon over Waterfront Park.


We went next door to Solstice.  Below Heather is talking with the dude in the baseball hat.




The picture below shows something I do not understand.  It looks like a lot of effort to write all those names.


The next morning, I took the picture of Mount Hood on my iPhone as we drive to ski Mount Hood Meadows.   It looks like a post card.


A few seconds later we are even closer.


You thought there might be skiing on this web page somewhere?  Well here it is!  Hood River Meadows ski area!


Some skiers in our group.


From left to right: Karl, Brian Wohletz, and Mike Chow.  Brian Wilson (me) took the picture.


We skied down a run called "Heather Canyon" which made me tired.


At lunch in the lodge.


The four of us at lunch in the lodge.


The lodge.


A panorama of the hill that would be prettier if the clouds cleared.


Mt Hood Express Chair lift at Hood River Meadows ski area in Oregon.


We stayed at the "Historic Hood River Inn" in downtown of "Hood River", Oregon.  This was our kitchen.


Below is a picture of the "other room other than the kitchen".



All done!   That's it!


Lists of Things to Bring on a Ski Trip

This is not for you!  Stop reading!  I'm old, I forget things.

Pre-trip Section:

  1. 30 days in advance - check Passport - also, am I buying new fat skis or maybe renting there?
  2. 5 days in advance - haircut, practice pack, check bags. 
  3. Probably not for international trips - 7 full days in advance, mail 80 pound bag ahead if possible ($31 FedEx) - airlines hate heavy bags

"On Slope" Ski Equipment Section:

  1. Skis
  2. Ski Boots
  3. Poles
  4. ski goggles (NOTE: I have new Bolle that I prefer)
  5. Jackets (North Face Shell, Fleece)
  6. Chamois Shirts
  7. Ski Pants - currently prefer the Mountain Hard Wear (despite not being able to open waist)
  8. Long sleeve mock turtleneck ski shirts
  9. REI high tech long johns
  10. sweatpants - extra layer for really cold days
  11. ski socks - special long grey socks for boots
  12. hat - Mountain Hardware
  13. gloves (thin neoprene liners, medium gloves, heavy gloves)
  14. balaclava
  15. neck gaiter
  16. sunglasses
  17. Sports Watch - cheap Timex (don't wear nice watch on slopes)

"Off Slope" Ski Equipment Section:

  1. boot dryers - I have new ones now, look like orange "paddles"
  2. sharpening stone
  3. hiking boots (waterproof, waffle tread for ice and snow)
  4. moleskin
  5. medical tape (for blisters on toes)
  6. bandaids - I bleed easily and it takes time to stop
  7. first aid kid
  8. duct tape around pen
  9. swiss army knife

Electronics Section:

  1. Camera (and charger)
  2. Cell Phone (and charger)
  3. radios FRS/GMRS - not used much in cell phone world now
  4. GPS - rental car Nuvi, handheld for backcountry (and chargers)
  5. iPod Nano (Apple charger)
  6. speakers for condo - jambox
  7. iPad Mini or laptop?
  8. MiFi on Verizon internet connection device to allow iPad to get online
  9. Car USB cigarette lighter adapter (charge things in car)
  10. Car A/C converter to charge things in car (big trips)

Street Clothing:

  1. levis - 1 pair for every 3 days (worn after showering)
  2. belt
  3. dress shirts (button down) - 1 for every 2 or 3 days
  4. grey/blue t-shirts for under dress shirts
  5. white socks
  6. underwear
  7. shoes (hiking boots, tennis shoes, dress shoes?)


  1. dopp kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, eye drops, etc)
  2. razor - now have travel razor
  3. blow dryer
  4. caffeine pills (for coffee emergencies)
  5. pajama shorts
  6. pajama white t-shirts
  7. ear plugs (individually wrapped, bring extras, condo mates might snore!)
  8. breathing mouth guard
  9. white trash bags - for laundry
  10. small clear sandwich bags - for cell phone, etc
  11. travel alarm clock
  12. moisturizer for body


  1. book for plane? - no, moving over to iPad mini and Kindle in recent years.
  2. black plastic and electrical tape to cover airplane display
  3. small umbrella
  4. "sports watch" (cheap water resistant watch)
  5. backpack
  6. glasses & case for glasses?
  7. Katherine liked the travel coffee solution of "travel collapsible Molita"


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